Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are You Free to Be? (Read Time: 2 min.)

I've had strep throat for the past couple of days... and this is the second case of strep throat for me in the past three months. Needless to say, I went straight to You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. I discovered two things:
1) Sore throats relate to being unable to speak up for one's self
2) The blue chakra (the throat) is the area where change happens

According to Louise L. Hay, the affirmation to deal with sore throats is "I release all restrictions. I am free to be me."

One of the greatest lessons in extraordinary success is this: you choose what your success journey looks like. A big part of change comes in being willing to see things differently. You're at the helm of your own success. No one's driving the car but you. When you understand the magnitude of your power in creating your own success, you also understand the responsibility of it.

The only person who can stifle you is you and, for many of us, we do the stifling in small ways. It could be that you refrain from saying how you feel in order to make others feel better about themselves. It could be that you say 'yes' to friends and families when you really want to say no. It could be that you take on projects, events, and chores that you know put you into work overload. Whatever your "stifle" is, it's important to live in a conscious state of choosing.

You choose when you say yes and when you say no. You choose who you'll spend your time with and when. You choose how many hours of sleep you get at night, how much you work, and how many projects you take on. Allow yourself the freedom to be you. Don't overcomit, underestimate, or overcompensate because you "think" this is who you have to be to in order to live extraordinary success.

Remember: Who you are is enough...

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