Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are You Preparing For the Tide to Change?

Despite whatever it is you're dealing with right now, have you stopped to consider the inevitable? The tide will turn.

Sit with that for a moment.

No matter what you're experiencing right now, you are going to get out of it. The tide's going to turn but you've got to be ready for it when it comes. Spending time in worry, doubt or fear will not prepare you for the shift. You've got to mentally place yourself in the space your life will eventually lead to.

What does that mean?

Consider your future.

What will your best life look like?
What will you do for work?
How will you spend your time?
What career will you be in?
Now, what steps can you take right now to best position yourself for that?

The steps, 99% of the time, aren't huge. They include things like:
1) Update your resume and cover letter
2) Join a gym or start exercising
3) Take a class
4) Read a book
5) Meet up with a mentor
6) Go to a workshop
7) Order a free copy of your credit report
8) Make arrangements with bill collectors
9) Defer student loans
10) Refinance your house
11) Rent out a room in your house
12) Start a business
13) Find the right summer camp for your children
14) Balance your checkbook
15) Clear the clutter in your house
16) Clean out your vehicle
17) Volunteer
18) Get your car serviced
19) Check your plan on your cell phone and see if you can get a better, more affordable plan
20) Pick a date to take a vacation and start planning (and enjoy it!)

Whatever it is, you have a choice right now:
you can get determined and take action knowing that the tide will change
you can get disgruntled and not take action and when change comes, find yourself unprepared and ill-equipped to take advantage of it.

Choose to be ready for all the good that's coming your way. It's time to Stay Strong!

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