Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Centered Mind is a Successful Mind

My most productive days come when I operate from a centered place.  My mood is peaceful, my mind is sharp, and I feel free to create without fear, worry, or doubt.  

What gets me to this place of super-productivity?  A centered mind.

I begin and end each day with prayer and meditation.  It is my way of connecting to my Source, remembering who I am and how powerful my life's purpose is to the world.  My ability to function doesn't come from a cup of coffee (although it helps).  It comes from an infilling of Spirit that moves me in miraculous directions.  

Whether you are spiritual, religious, or agnostic, connecting to your higher self, being grounded in what's really important to you is crucial to your success.  Frederick Douglass once said, "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything."  

When you begin and end each day with a centered mind, you are rooted in your core beliefs and are best equipped to move through any life experience unshaken and victorious.  If there is one success tool to possess, it's a centered and peaceful mind.  Begin today!

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