Friday, May 15, 2009

Are You Worth 97 cents a day?

What are you worth?

Sounds like a loaded question, doesn't it? It is.

You know you deserve love. You know you "should" have a good life but what keeps showing up for you is less than that.

Why does it seem like other people are living the life that you "should" be living?
Why does it feel like you get two steps ahead but always with hard work and struggle?
What is it, within you, that keeps attracting thoughts of being "not good enough"?

Do you know what you're worth?

Stay Strong reminds you EVERY SINGLE DAY, 365 days a year, what you're worth. It's an inspiration, motivation, and momentum creation guidebook that is dedicated to doing one thing: create and keep in you the burning desire to bring to pass every dream in your heart.

You may be thinking "I can't afford $350.00 for another subscription."

This isn't just any subscription and you aren't just any ordinary person.

Your dreams deserve your complete love and support and that will only happen when you stop selling yourself short.

What are you waiting for?

Know what you're worth and make an investment in YOU!

Become a premiere Stay Strong Member today!

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