Thursday, July 30, 2009

No One Has to Understand

Have you ever tried to pour your heart out to someone only to get a blank wall of misunderstanding back? You walk away frustrated, annoyed and the only thing you can say to that person is "You don't get it..." And maybe they don't but why should they have to?

It is a huge misconception (not to mention a gigantic energy leak) to believe that anyone else (including your spouse) needs to understand why you do what you do, feel what you feel and want what you want. It's not up to them to choose, critique, or validate the quality of your life and choices. And, yet, so many of us give other people that power.

The truth is this: other people's approval is desired but not required.

Your life moves whether other people "get it" or not. In fact, it moves better when you trust yourself enough to know that even if no one else gets it, you do.

No one has to see things your way. All extraordinarily successful people understand this. Why do you think Frank Sinatra sang "My Way"? It is no one else's job to create your life but you and every time you spend time and energy fighting to get people to see things your way, you not only waste time but you work hard at creating a life that is more about "them" than it is about you. Is that the life you really want?

One of the key steps to achieving extraordinary success comes in being able to say loud, proud and consistently: "I am that I am am" and not feel compelled to explain what that means to anyone else. After all, they don't have to understand.

The only person who needs to "get it" is you.

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