Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Your Interior Monologue?

Success boils down to the converations you have with yourself. To stay focused and to maintain your vision, you've got to be vigilant about what you tell yourself.

Actors, when they prepare to take on specific roles, do character studies where they dive into who their characters are, their motivations, their histories, family dynamics, personality traits, etc. From that study, an actor will develop an interior monologue of thoughts that this character would think and they actually begin to think these thoughts whenever they rehearse or perform. It's called "getting into character."

In much the same way, to achieve extraordinary success, you need to monitor and rehearse your own interior monologue and fill your mind with the thoughts that will bring you success.

Examples of success driven thoughts include:
* I love and approve of myself
* Life supports me
* I am fabulous
* Every experience is a success
* I have unlimited potential
* The rough is only mental; I think victory- I get victory
* I am grateful to be alive
* Whatever comes my way, I can handle it
* I am strong
* I have everything I need to succeed
* I am a winner
* I love my life
* I flow with life
* Money comes easily and frequently
* I am a genius
* I choose peace
* I feel good
* This is a terrific day
* I am phenomenal
* I love what I do and do what I love and I'm making great money doing it
* I am more than conquerer

When you first start thinking these thoughts, it will feel like work. More than likely, you are undoing years of negative programming. As you make this a habit, whenever doubt or self criticism sneaks in, you'll know exactly what thoughts to call upon and you will say them with power until the doubt and fear melt away. Spend three weeks changing your interior monologue and see what happens.

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