Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Power to Attain What You Want

You have the power to attain what you want.

Did you know that?
Are you 100% sure?
Or do you require convincing?

Whatever your dream, whatever your goal, you have the power to attain it. You may not think you have the time to do it, the strength to reach for it, the heart to keep going for it when temporary defeat shows up but, if that dream is in you, guess what? You do.

Power is about choice. The power begins with a choice and the choice happens when you say "I can do this" AND believe that. That's the catch.

There are a lot of people who say those words but, without faith in them, without a strong conviction that it is possible for them, there's not enough passion and heart behind it to make it happen. It's not a money issue or a might issue; it boils down to being a heart issue.

Lukewarm people don't succeed. Why? They don't have it in them; they don't pour it out of them; they don't know how to focus or channel their energies into the right things and the second defeat comes around the corner, they give up.

That's not who I'm speaking to. The person I'm speaking to is the individual who knows they can do this. You may not know how or when but you do know that you CAN do this.

So what's next? After you have the faith, after you know what you want, after you've decided that this is your future, what's next?

Create the right environment for power to magnify purpose. Begin with a peaceful mind by encouraging, expecting, and seeing the best in ALL situations. Try it for 30 days and see what happens!

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